Our Mission

The SMILE project is designed to help and support brewing enthusiasts seeking to establish a career in the brewing industry. The SMILE Certificate in Brewing Entrepreneurship will advance knowledge of brewing and fulfil the skills requirements of the industry in the areas of Brewery Operations, Business and Due Diligence.

Core Goals

  • To create the industry standard entry level qualification for professional brewers.

  • To establish and support Micro Brewing networks both nationally and internationally.

  • To promote micro brewing locally using local produce.

  • To establish a clear path for members to advance a career in Brewing.

  • To gather and disseminate information related to the micro brewing industry through the Smile Network.

Why Brewing

Breweries in the EU - 8500 Breweries in 27 EU Countries
Beer Styles produced in the EU - 80
Beer Brands produced in the EU - 50,000
Annual Production - 40 Billion Liters of Beer
Employment Supported - 2.3 Million Jobs across the EU
Exports - over 86 Million Litres of Beer Annually
Value Added - €51 billion generated by beer Annually

The main outputs of the project are as follows:


An industry research report incorporating needs analysis for the industry for partner countries and EU as a whole, and gap analysis of the deficiencies in the existing VET provision, and outlining the new curricula to be developed through the SMILE project.


Accredited ‘apprenticeship-type’ training programme. (Included developed curricula, and training materials incorporating e-learning modules, classroom modules and work placement modules).


Website to support the training and a newly established European Micro-Brewers network.

Brewers we are proud to work with.

At SMILE, we are calling on all Micro Brewers, Craft Brewers, Home Brewers, Hobbyists, and Brewing Aficionados from all over Europe, basically anyone with a passion or a love for brewing.

We are proud to work with mini brewers, micro brewers, craft brewers from anywhere in Europe, so if this sounds like you, then why not get in touch and tell us your story, or pop over to our forum and start networking with the best brewing talent in Europe.

Pivovar Podlesi
Cervezas Llanura SL
Horus Mylae
Birrificio alveria
Humpty Dumpty Brewery
Poppyland Beer
St. Mels
White Gypsy
Paul Bricius & Co
Wide Street Brewing Company Limited

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