St Mels Brewery

Convert to Craft

St Mel’s Brewing Company is an Irish owned independent brewery, whose mission is to brew the highest quality beers from the best possible ingredients, combining innovation, passion, and tradition. All our beers are made from 100% natural ingredients, water, malted barley, hops and yeast. They are chemical free, and are preserved by the natural qualities of the hops and alcohol. We hope you enjoy our beers and if you haven’t already, convert to craft beer.

Beer is our passion. Some know Liam Hanlon from previous employment at Ireland’s largest craft brewery where he developed some of the countries craftiest beers. Eoin Tynan is new to the industry but comes from the international investment  industry with a masters in business management and a love of quality craft beer. Consumers can expect simple high quality beers of the Pale, Red and Bock variety as well as some curve balls on a seasonal basis.

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